Need gelato machine recommendation for the home.
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Need a gelato machine recommendations for the home. I am willing to spend upwards of $1K if it is the right machine. I realize this is somewhat of a specialty product, but I can't seem to separate fact from fiction when researching this on-line. And there does not seem to be any unbiased "consumer report" style reviews.
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I'm pretty sure you can make gelato with a regular ice cream maker. A bunch of my ice cream recipe books have recipes for gelato, granitas, and so on. I've got this ice cream maker, and I can highly recommend it.
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What about a kitchen aid mixer with ice cream bowl attachment? I've had alot of success with this, not sure what quantities you plan on making.
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I spent a bunch of time researching this but never pulled the trigger. I use the kitchenaid attachment, and for the cost/value its great.

My impression is that at the price point you want one that has its own compressor and a removable bowl. The lusso models that are around have a good rep but lack a removable bowl. Nemox has a removable bowl but the rep is that the compressor isn't big enough. But those are the two players at the prosumer level.

I came to the conclusion that I wasn't willing to spend $800+ for something that's wasn't truly great, so I'd stick with the kitchenaid.

The cuisinart w/ compressor is a middle ground option, but I've heard build quality isn't great.
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I'm pretty sure you can make gelato with a regular ice cream maker.

'eh, you kind of can. Gelato has less air (overrun) and fat in it, the former being related to the machine you use to make it.

The cuisinart w/ compressor is a middle ground option, but I've heard build quality isn't great.

First one I bought was DOA, second one made a terrible sound until I replaced the arm (which Cuisinart did for free, to their credit). For all its faults, it's about twenty million times better than the Kitchenaid I've dealt with. And it's only $250 or so!

On the question of overrun, I will say that my Cuisinart compressor machine has far less churn than the bowl-in-the-freezer Cuisinart I previously owned. It was terrible when it came time to pop in mix-ins at the end of a cycle, but if you're going for gelato it's probably more on-track.

Haven't tried any of the fancy-pants machines.
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This is the ice cream machine that I have used in a commercial kitchen. It is a little over your price range on the JB Prince site but if you check at your local restaurant supply company it should be close to the $1000 range. It works very well and is a solid machine that you will not wear out.
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Just in case you don't know, there are two different general ways of making gelato, the cold method and the hot method.
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The Gaggia gelateria series are quite well regarded, if you can get them where you are. They are consumer, rather than prosumer oriented.
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Several thousand dollars, but a Pacojet is the ultimate... thing.
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