Where do I buy cheap clay?
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This question is as simple as it looks, and in my case I'm specifically interested in the Sacramento, California or SF Bay area. Where should I look to buy lots of really cheap pottery clay? I'm interested in 10-50lbs, and all different kinds of clay, but cheap is the key word.
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Alpha Ceramics is in Sacramento. About fifty cents a pound, more or less a few pennies, depending on clay type.
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The biggest factor in the retail cost of clay is freight.

I dig mine out of the sides of a creek bed. It's free.
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MeMail your email... my brother is a potter in San Rafael. =)
Also, try contacting pottery departments at local colleges? I went to CCA... I'm sure some the students know where to go! (If not the staff, too)
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Speaking of local colleges: the Craft Center at UC Davis offers bags of recycled clay for about $4/bag. It's a mix of all of the other kinds of clay they sell, and they sell it in 8 pound bags. I'd recommend calling ahead to see if they've made any up recently before you go, though, as periodically school teachers in the area will come in and stock up.
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Gladding McBean is a huge local manufacturer of clay stuff - pipe, tiles, etc and they are in Lincoln. According to their webpage they do sell "raw clay products." Not sure if its the right type but you might give them a call.
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