Christmas dinner in Brooklyn for a group (7-8) on a budget?
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Help me find a restaurant for Christmas dinner in Brooklyn for a group (7-8) on a budget?

My family is coming into New York for the Christmas holiday. I don't have room to seat 7-8 (I don't even have a dining room table) for dinner so I am looking at restaurants for dinner on Christmas day. I know it's a long shot but would prefer to keep it under $30-$40 per person (before tax/tip/alcohol). To add another wrinkle, there are 2 vegetarians in the group, so I'm looking for a place with a vegetarian option. Brooklyn is preferred but we would be willing to travel to Manhattan. I would prefer somewhere 'traditional' (turkey and sides, served family style would be perfect) but we are open to Chinese food or anything else. I would like it to be somewhere I can make a reservation.

Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated!
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Indian places will be open.
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I know that Prime Meats does an inexpensive Thanksgiving for $40pp, but I'm not sure if they are doing the same for Christmas.

I would post also on the Outer Boroughs (Brooklyn, Queens, etc) board on Chowhound.
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When it gets closer, Open Table (.com) will have a list of places open for Xmas dinner, and you can use their interface to search and to get a reservation.
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OpenTable's Christmas Day list is up already (some places started booking yesterday), but when I enter in Brooklyn, I get 0 results. Additionally, many NYC restaurants restrict online bookings to smaller groups. Large groups often need to book via phone.
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Nearly any Chinese joint will satisfy this need. As any Jewish person will tell you.

Do you have a favorite in your neighborhood? Just fall by and find out if they'll be open on Christmas. (Of course they will, but always check). Most won't take a reservation but you can do something special like order the Peking Duck (usually requires 24-hour notice) so they'll expect you.

Here's a listing of The Five Best Places to have Christmas Eve Dinner in Brooklyn. Call and find out if they're open on Christmas.

Another option would be a hotel restaurant, they're typically open on holidays. The Rooftop Lounge might be an option.

L'Absinthe in Manahattan had a prix fix meal for Christmas in the past. Give them a call and see what they're doing this year.

No matter what you decide, the food in New York is just better and it's going to be fantastic to have a lovely evening with your family.
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