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Please share your best potato recipes for the crockpot.

Looking for some easy, delicious potato recipes for the crockpot/slow cooker. Not a big fan of anything that involves "Cream of Whatever" soup from the can. Something that I could put on the night before and eat with brunch would be good.
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I cooked a ton of potatoes (a full bag cut into 1 inch cubes) and stuck them in the crock pot on high for about three hours. I coated them with olive oil and some garlic. I'd imagine you could try any variety of spices. I got awesome "breakfast potatoes" that even browned up nicely. Next time I think I'll add some bell peppers in the last bit to mix it up a bit. Nothing fancy, but I'm really glad I have a couple gallon bags of pre-cooked potatoes in the freezer I can re-heat in the oven whenever I'm too lazy to make up a side dish or a breakfast skillet.
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If you're okay with non-potato ingredients:

Fish and potatoes in cream:
- 3 lb potatoes sliced a half-cm thick
- 3 lb any strong-flavored, oily fish (I like canned sardines) either sliced a half-cm thick or crumbled
- 1 pt heavy cream
Pack potatoes and fish into the crockpot in alternating layers, then pour the cream over top and heat until the cream has congealed into a gooey crust and the potatoes melt in your mouth. On my slow cooker, the "lo [sic]" setting overnight will do.

Also, googling "aloo crockpot" brings up some great Indian recipes.
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Seasoning salt and beef broth, or lemon pepper with chicken broth, or if you like them hot chili flakes with either broth (but yeouch, they are genuinely hot). If broth is too salty you can water it down some. Cover the potatoes with broth and then put a little more broth than that and put it on low.

Not sure how simple or complicated you're looking for--the above is very basic but has always turned out good simple late-lunch potatoes.
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i found a recipe on all recipies.com for delicious ham and potatoe soup, I modified it to make it a little thicker and used kielbasa versus ham and it is great. I would think you would be able to modify it for the crock pot by not adding the flour, milk butter mixture till the way end only takes about 45 min to prepare but when I do it I let it go for a couple of hours.
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