Looking for good places for an Atlanta-area spa day.
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I want to treat a friend to a spa day somewhere in the Atlanta area, I haven't lived in Georgia for years. Does anyone have suggestions? We'd be looking in the Virginia Highlands area if we decide to go into town or in the Jonesboro/Stockbridge/McDonough if we don't.

The essential services we are looking for are massages and manicures. It would be a plus if we could get our hair cut and styled as well. I've never had a spa day and only have a vague idea as to what one entails, so suggestions are welcome.

I'm looking at Scarlett's Retreat in McDonough as well as Sugarcoat and Key Lime Pie in town.
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Not exactly Jonesboro or Stockbridge (but close enough, as things in Atlanta go), but my wife has gone to La Vie Spa in Conyers several times, and really enjoyed it. From what I understand they do all the things that you want.
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I don't know a thing about spas, but I was looking to kill 10 minutes. To Creative Loafing's Best-Of database!

2011 Staff Pick for best luxury mani-pedi: Nouvelle Nail Spa

2011 Staff Pick for best spa deal: G Salon

2011 Reader's Pick for best spa: Natural Body Spa

2012 Reader's Pick for best spa: Jeju Sauna

The staff pick is usually the better choice; the reader's pick is generally an indicator of the most obvious and well-promoted choice in town, not necessarily the best.
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Lived in McDonough for years, the Solace Center is very good. I've heard Scarlet's Retreat is good but never went there. Moved to VaHi two years ago....Key Lime Pie is also very good. Great location, nice shopping and good places to lunch. If I had to choose, I would choose Key Lime because there are much nicer things to do, experience in the area. Memail me of you want other details.
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Also, Key Lime does GREAT hair.
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Spa Sydell is sort of everywhere and it's thier thing.

Jeju Sauna is in Gwinnett and it's a Korean place, with special rooms with crystals and stuff. They also have the public bath place.

Another option would be the Aveda Institute. They do facials, nails, etc. VERY affordable and nice. Right off of Peachtree downtown. Plenty of parking.
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Huh....Just opened my new Atlanta Magazine and they have a huge article on local spas, mostly in the midtown area. Haven't checked the website to see if the article is there but I'm sure it will be. Several new places that I haven't heard of. I may have to treat myself!!
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Sweetgrass Salon and Wellness Spa in Little Five Points.

Blue MedSpa in Midtown.

Seconding Spa Sydell.
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I have done spa days at several places in ATL. I did not not have good experiences at Spa Sydell (crummy service, bad massage) but did have good ones at Key Lime Pie (massage & nails & have heard good things about their hair salon) & Natural Body (several locations) & at Sweetgrass.

I *love* JeJu but it's more of a bathhouse experience than a Spa Day experience.
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