Hosted wysiwyg web publishing that allows adult content?
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Are there any hosted publishing platforms where a) I can do some wysiwyg fiddling with the design and b) post content that descends into Dan Savage fetish-too-far territory? Do I have to self-host?

I'd like to use something like weebly or squarespace. But their TOS's don't allow adult content.

Criteria and non-criteria: I don't mind paying. I don't need anonymity. Everything I want to do is legal in the USA, where I live. Automatic search engine pinging and SEO optimization would be ideal. I need to be able to do one click export. Being able to add a domain at a later time would be great. Pony: Live word count while editing.

I always freeze up when I have to make design choices, fiddle with CSS, pick templates, etc., so I'm trying to avoid it. Basically I want to just get a bunch of stuff up without having to censor so I can find my voice and audience. I'm doing this as a long shot to connect with interesting people, not for money. I also loathe doing admin. But, too bad for me? Do I just have to self-host on an ISP that doesn't care? There seem to be plenty.

*I see that google/blogger allows adult content, but I don't want to accidentally do something that would get my google account suspended. Nor do I want to risk opening a second google account. Other choices?
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Best answer: Does Tumblr not work for this? You can't upload adult video content but it looks like as long as things are marked NSFW you're okay there otherwise (TOS/community guidelines). I know some nice adult-content blogs there. Bonus" not connected to Google.
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Virb would work. Here's what their TOS states:

"For the purposes of this Agreement, the following is true: Mature Content. If you are under 18 years of age, you are not permitted to access any mature or adult content that may be located on or about and/or the Services. In addition, there exist other areas of or about (mostly commerce-related) that are also not open to persons under 18 years of age."
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How about the old school blogging platforms like Livejournal or Dreamwidth? Given the fanfic communities they support, they can't be too prudish. DW's TOS looks like it just boils down to "keep it legal".
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Best answer: might work for you. Here's their policy on mature content. Bonus is that if you decide you want to migrate to a self-hosted setup, it should be easy to export and import your content.
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