Did you see the pictures I did of a home with Asian design? Where!?
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Have you seen (within the last decade) these pictures from a home design magazine? Traditional Asian (Japanese?) style - high ceilings with dark beams, large open spaces, tatami mats and paper screens, and very little else.

I clipped some pages from a magazine within the past decade, I think more than five years ago. I think it was a design-y home/house type of publication, something like Architectural Digest or Dwell. Since then I've thrown them out, but have been thinking of them lately and wonder if I can track down the periodical and get copies again! A long shot, I know...

Here's what I recall: the pictures showed very very little, or maybe no, furniture or personal belongings in the space. One area in one room appeared to have a sand floor, and in the middle was a small fire pit. The walls were all paper screens, the floors were tatami mats. The ceilings were very high (12 feet+) with dark wood beams crossing at around 8 feet high or so. One picture was an outside view, showing a small pond with tall grasses around it, and a dark wood deck.

There was probably also an article of some sort along with the pictures, but I don't remember anything about it. I feel like the home was not in Asia but somewhere Western, probably in the States.

Speculate away!
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Larry Ellison from Oracle has a ridiculous love for all things Japanese, including a huge estate with gardens and such. You might look him up.
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I cannot identify that particular photo, but the fire pit is called an irori (囲炉裏/いろり). A Google search using that term might help to narrow your search.
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Could have been in Sunset magazine. They often have Asian-design themed articles. (Trying to help.)
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I think your best bet is to scan Pinterest. At the very least, you'll be able to quickly identify Pinterest tags, sets, and users (I've forgotten what terminology they use) that will give you ideas along the same lines as what you saw. This is a site GIS for "fire pit"+tatami. I suspect any such dramatic award-winning design will eventually turn up in some fashion, especially if it was featured in one of the current design magazines.
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