Looking for a good indoor outdoor thermometer.
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My dad would like an indoor outdoor thermometer for Christmas. His current one doesn't work well, so he is interested in getting a quality one. Any suggestions for a well-made, accurate, durable, easy-to-use indoor outdoor thermometer?

Also, it should be wireless, not "one of those with a wire that makes you unable to fully close your window."

Thank you!
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Sorry, but is this for his car, or something else?
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Response by poster: His house. When he wakes up this time of year it is usually dark outside, so he can't see the thermometer he has outside.
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Does he want a weather station thingie or just the thermometer? The ones at my house are from Oregon Scientific and they have a range from just little temperature reporters to full on mini weather stations.
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I love this La Crosse Technology one.
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They're all pretty much the same hardware: a solid-state temperature sensor transmitting through a cheap UHF module. If the one he has isn't working properly, try installing the batteries on the transmitter and the receiver at the same time. The RX/TX units slowly drift out of sync, and after a while the receiver won't be listening while the transmitter is sending.

Of course, if the outside unit is waterlogged or full of spiders, this might not work ...
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I have a nice one that combines with a clock radio from Brookstone. It's pretty beat up now, but it's been working for me for 15 years.
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What specifically is wrong with the one he has?
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Response by poster: He's just interested in the temperature, so a weather station might be too much.

The one he has right now doesn't give an accurate temperature anymore. I think he got it a couple years ago.

That's a very interesting tip about the batteries, scruss.

Given how easy the Oregon Scientific looks to setup based on the instruction manual, I think that might be what I get him. Thanks everyone.
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I have this little guy. It works just fine.
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