Food's deficient in iron, eh?
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Electra un-did and ate a wire-cored twist tie that had been holding open a gate.

Wednesday morning Electra was off her food and subdued. The X-ray was shot Wednesday at noon. The vet says the twist tie passed the difficult and dangerous part of her and was a couple inches from popping out. She has been behaving normally since Wednesday night which is to say Wild Kitty all morning, followed by bath, nap, more Wild Kitty and playing mysterious games with the dog. Appetite and box habits are normal.

Yet no twist tie has appeared in her litterbox and I have looked, carefully, for it. There is neither blood nor pus in there, either. It's as though the wire disappeared leaving a perfectly healthy, if manic, kitten.

She's getting another X-ray this coming Wednesday unless we get the tie back, but the question is how she is managing to be so energetic and flexible if the wire is still in there? We have a good vet and she's as surprised as we are.
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I take care of kids, not animals, but have dealt with this issue before since kids are really good at swallowing random stuff.

Truly, the most likely answer is that you missed it. I know--you're being super careful, maybe even putting all her stool through a screen--but it's still the most likely situation. Things like this are really, really good at slipping through unbound by stool and just . . . falling out. Stool doesn't pack around the item and/or food intake is down and the foreign non-poop like object slips out. As an example, I've had parents report that they found the dime/button/lego just hanging out in their kiddo's underpants looking weirdly clean after they had spent a couple of days screening stool.

It's as likely the wire is in your sofa cushions as it's in your cat.
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And so it turned out: today's film shows no wire tie.

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