I want to improve my copywriting skills.
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I'm looking for an online course to help me improve my copywriting skills.

I want to improve my copywriting skills--especially in the area of writing for an audience of educators. I've been told that I already have the basics--so I'm looking for a reputable, rigorous online course above the beginning level. My employer will pay for a portion of the tuition. I've done some internet searching, but there's a lot out there. Any suggestions or personal experience with this? If so, please share!
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Have you read The Adweek Copywriting Handbook and/or The Copywriter's Handbook and/or On the Art of Writing Copy?

Also blogs like The Copywriting Maven.
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This is also not a course, but someone told me he's read over one hundred books on copywriting and the single best one he recommends is How to Write a Good Advertisement.
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I considered taking this course. Didn't end up doing it, but you might look into some of their other offerings.
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Hands down, I recommend AWAI's Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

It's how I got my own start in copywriting, and I've been freelancing quite successfully for over five years now.

I'd say this program is what gives you all the fundamentals of good copywriting and draws from a lot of the programs and sources other people have listed. In fact, folks like Roberta Rosenberg, who runs The Copywriting Maven, have actually taught portions of the program (she taught one of my first classes -- she's terrific!).

The support you get from AWAI is also tremendous. You're not just another person who buys the program; instead, you become a member of their organization and get accepted with open arms into their community of writers. That's what happened for me and I've seen it happen for countless other writers, many of whom I now count as my friends. AWAI has helped us take our copywriting businesses to the next level (in all cases, where our personal preferences desire) -- but it all started with this core program.

(Here's a link to learn more about the program: http://www.awaionline.com/copywriting/learn/make-six-figures/ -- and I am not an affiliate, FYI)

Good luck!!!
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