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Preparing to do fundraising for a new theater company in Omaha. Need reference material and suggestions.

What books would you recommend that do a good job mapping out how to do fundraising? What advice do you have? What are good references for finding grants and sponsorships? This will be for a not-for-profit arts organization that also does a lot of community events.
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My wife, a nonprofit fundraiser for something like 20 years, recommends Kim Klein's Fundraising for Social Change.
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1. What are you selling every month of the year?
2. What are your goals?

You don't need a book to learn how to write down the draw of a theater company in a legible, accessible way. Theater companies live and die by the products and projects they do. For example, some companies I am involved with as an adviser will do no more fundraising than a pay as you go night for some of their performances as a way to boost revenue. More enterprising ones will put on a kids or adults performance workshop; a corporate training program available ad hoc, etc. These products are a great bread and butter and take care of the monotony of applying for grants and sponsorships you won't get unless you have shown your footprint is long-lasting. I have a list of contacts at 2,500 American foundations I will send you if you MeMail me your contact information.

I am guessing you do not have a venue. Maybe you are in a Masonic hall or some other space.

Focus first on local to Nebraska grants. Start at your local library's reference desk to find up to date information. Some foundations may use a common grant application. You are only as good as the grants that you write. Here is a helpful video for grant mastery. It takes me about 60 hours to write a grant. YMMV. Message me if you need any direct advice.
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