What is it?
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What is this seed/fruit/nut, found at low elevation in northern California? The two pieces on the left are halves; they came out of the rind pieces at the top right. The smaller thing at lower right is a whole one, without rind. They are very firm, like an apple or more so, and the inside has no strong taste or smell.
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It's a chestnut! California buckeye.
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Yup, Chestnut!
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um, also poisonous when raw (1, 2) but hopefully you didn't ingest 'sufficient quantities'
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Yup, that's a chestnut!
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Thank you! No, I did not ingest anything like sufficient quantities, just put my tongue to it. Which allowed me to entertain the notion, as we continued the hike, that it might be hallucinogenic, but alas the placebo effect was not strong enough.
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