Characters in books or comics named Ilyana
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I'm trying to collect books/comics/plays where there is a character named Ilyana for a baby gift. This is not easy. Can you help?

One of my closest friends just had twins and in addition to the huge amount of diapers, wipes, etc., I'm sending, I'd like to collect a few books where there are characters that share their names with the babies. I'm having no problems with the boy's name but the girl, Ilyana, is not so easy. I found an Illyana (diff spelling) in the X-Men world but... well... help? I'm not looking to go overboard - just a few things.
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What about a personalized book where she is a character in the story? There are many of those available.
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Ilyana - A World War Two Novel, by John Orford.
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Best answer: Noelle of the Nutcracker. Noelle is a doll--Ilyana is the human girl of the story.
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Noelle of the Nutcracker has Ilyana as a main character in it. And in the YA level, there's an Ilyana mom in Touched. And probably more, I just sorted through some of the amusing looking books from searching through Google books. Good luck picking out some fun ones. (On preview, too late on the first book.)
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Best answer: Yvgenie by C.J. Cherryh has a main character named Ilyana. It's the third book in a trilogy about the Rusalka myth, but it can be read on its own just fine.
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Google turned up this:, which has a character named Ileana (if that's close enough).
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Ilyana Ravidovich is a Vampire: the Eternal Struggle card, and a character from Vampire: the Masquerade canon from the "Children of the Night" book.
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Close but no cigar: Ilyena is Lews Therin Telamon (The Kinslayer)'s wife in the prologue to the Eye of the World by the late, great, Robert Jordan.
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Please disregard. Should've previewed.

Slightly different spelling, but the X-Men's Colossus's little sister was named Illyana. She went on to become Magik.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. I'm going to do some X-Men stuff for her and the boy (whose name is also in the X-Men universe - I'm pretty sure the parents don't know) and Noelle of the Nutcracker and Yvgenie. Noelle of the Nutcracker will be especially sweet because we have a history surrounding the holidays. I promise I did see the Ilyana novel on Amazon but overall couldn't find much information about it and I didn't even think to search using Google Books. Duh. Thankfully, the boy is SO much easier to find stuff for.
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Kate Elliott's Jaran series has a character named Ilyana. She's one of the major viewpoint characters of the fourth novel, The Law of Becoming, although she first appears in the second book of the series.
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