Taking photos on the trail. While sweaty. Maybe in the rain.
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Smallest, goodest, water-resistantest camera for taking pictures while trail running?

I frequently find myself wishing I had a camera when I'm out running. I travel light, so small is good, but I also want usable quality photographs. Some degree of water resistance is also probably required because I'll at the very least sweat on it. Ideally, it'd be small enough and waterproof enough to tuck in the band of my compression shorts they same way I do with my car key.

Or, if you do something similar, how do you carry your camera and what camera do you use?
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I carry a camera when I run, and I've been extremely pleased with my Amphipod Lock-on Micropack. I have the Satellite, and it's a good combination of small and roomy for me. Camera, key, ID, a little cash, an energy gel or two, and I can hardly even tell it's there.

My camera is a low end Olympus VR-350. I got it specifically to carry when I run, and I wanted something smallish and not so expensive that I'd be disappointed if it didn't survive the elements. It takes great pictures. It's not waterproof, but I wear a rain-resistant jacket when it rains, and with that protecting the Amphipod on my waistband, the camera just keeps on going strong every day here in Seattle, rain or shine.
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Kind of the standard at the moment.
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I use a Panasonic TS1. (the flickr search by camera is a great way to compare what kinda shots they take)

I think its been superseded a few times and they are up to TS-4 now. Great little camera, meant primary for stills but takes decent video as well. Over the last two and a half years it has held up to ocean kayaking, glacial lakes, drops, blizzards you name it and still just keeps clicking away. Quality wise in bright sunlight its fantastic, not quite as good as an dSLR but still totally useable images. I also take it with me all the time which I cant say about my dSLR.

Only caveat with most of the waterproof cameras of a similar style is they use a periscope style lens system, ie there is a mirror mounted at a 45 degree angle right where the lens looks like it is. The actual telescoping bits are vertically mounted inside the camera. The downside is that when taking a photo of something with areas of huge contrast you tend to get blooming around the edges. Mostly a problem if you are taking shots directly into the sun, or areas of high glare. But on the plus side, the camera is compact sealed and bombproof.
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