Restaurant Gift Certificate for Los Angeles (Los Feliz)
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I'm looking for recommendations for a restaurant gift certificate to purchase for a friend living in Los Feliz in Los Angeles. Anywhere in LA is fine, but Los Feliz is preferred. I don't care if the place is super fancy or not, but the food should to be awesome and $100 would cover a couple's full meals plus a drink or two. Thanks!
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Little Dom's.
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Two eating at Cafe Stella for $100 including drinks would take some slight caution, but that's another option, perhaps a touch more romantic than Little Dom's.

Barbrix is a great wine and food spot.

Canele is smaller, more intimate.
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The Rockwell is pretty cool. I think if you call them they will arrange gift certificates.
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I think Cliff's Edge is the perfect gift certificate place for a couple.
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I've gone to Electric Lotus(Indian) a few times.
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It's downtown, but basically on the Red Line: The Gorbals.

Their menu is perfect for a couple; it's a la carte and you just order 4 or 5 plates out to your table to share. Plus the food is excellent. Depending on which drinks you order, you can probably even squeeze dessert in for right around $100.
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Seconding Cafe Stella. Great food, great atmosphere.
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I've recently been led to STREET, and went back again shortly thereafter, highly recommended for food and service, although the part of town doesn't show the best side of Los Angeles. Seconding Cliff's Edge as well, and if you can haul yourself to the valley and make reservations in advance, Prosecco Trattoria.
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Not sure if you live in Los Angeles or not, but just a note on geography: If you're specifically looking for Los Feliz to make it convenient for your friend The Gorbals and Street may be considered a bit of a haul for them. Typically people living in Los Feliz would go to Silverlake, Hollywood or Echo Park and consider it generally in the neighborhood, but W. Hollywood and Downtown is a bit farther.

I'm now realizing Los Feliz is a bit of a wasteland for specifically what you are asking for - but in regards to delicious and affordable in Los Feliz itself I'd suggest:

Il Capriccio on Vermont (right in Los Feliz village - most romantic out of these)
Community (really delicious, may only serve casual sandwiches though)
I love Chi Dynasty - but that may be specific to someone raised on Americanized east coast Chinese food (my friends with similar taste agree with me - but someone only into authentic Chinese would disagree I think).

In Silverlake (SO many options):

Wat Dong Moon Lek Noodle
Alegria On Sunset (hippie-ish mexican - may be taste specific and is pretty casual)
The Kitchen
Blossom Vietnamese Restaurant
Barbrix (fancier, more romantic)
Taix French Restaurant (old school and kitschy, but fun)

I've never been to Cafe Stella but people seem to like it

Echo Park:
The Park
Masa of Echo Park
Cortez (new and hot)

A little further afield (Larchmont Village) but totally delicious:

Osteria Mamma
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L&E Oyster Bar. $100 should be enough. Obviously they have to at least somewhat enjoy seafood, but the oysters are top of the line, the accompanying dishes are all well thought-out, and the wine list is pretty solid. It's an intimate, popular, and fancy little corner tucked into Silver Lake, close to Los Feliz. If you want bonus points, get a small gift card for LaMill Coffee right across the street for them to pop into afterwards. Oh, and the executive chef was formerly the chef at Cafe Stella. Full disclosure: I know the chef, but I'd happily patronize the place regardless.
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Thanks everyone! This was a huge help. I'm based in Boston had no idea where to start.
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If Street is too far then Osteria Mamma isn't all that much closer. I only suggested Gorbals because it's accessible by metro. And because it's my favorite place to eat goat heart.
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