Can anyone help me sync the rest of my photo stream ?
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New iPad synced half my photos and won't get the rest... Now what?

I have an iPhone which apparently backs up to iCloud. I then got a new iPad and set it up to connect to iCloud also.

All was well, I put my wifi details in and things seemed great. I was looking in my photo stream and photos were appearing. Then the wifi signal cut out and since then I cannot get the rest of my photos to appear whatever I try.

I tried syncing both devices to my windows computer. Nothing. I tried turning both off and on. Nothing.

Can anyone suggest me a fix for this as I can't see a way of forcing my photo stream to sync my photos.

(I wondered if I used the option to delete everything from the iPad and the started afresh that would work but I am unsure if that would delete all of my apps and photos from iCloud and my iPhone.)
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Are you sure you're not out of space?
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Response by poster: No, I looked in iTunes and the photos only take up 2gb of space. There is pretty much 90%ish of the space left.
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This is a known problem and is usually solved by quitting iPhoto on your Mac and restarting. Some people have noticed that iPhoto has created a phantom library and if the quitting and restarting thing doesn't work then the XML file needs to be modified. See
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