Beyond UFYH?
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I'm looking for blogs about homekeeping (cleaning, organizing, keeping up on housework, design/decorating, and that sort of thing with maybe some cooking or gardening thrown in). I like Unfuck Your Habitat and I used to read Apartment Therapy before moving into my own house. Are there any other blogs out there that offer inspiration/motivation to keep up with housework and/or design ideas? I'm very DIY and craft-oriented, and appreciate frugal living ideas, too, so blogs that incorporate those things are good, too.
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Punk Domestics is a content aggregation site for the hardcore DIY food community.
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I am not part of the scene, but I do love reading Domestic Servitude for all the reasons in your parentheses.
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Best answer: I've been on a cleaning/organizing blog kick myself. Here are some I've bookmarked or follow via FB. Just a note, several are SAH/homeschooling/Christian moms with a somewhat specific worldview. Sometimes that worldview hits a nerve with me personally, but none have compelled me to unsubscribe yet.

Life Your Way
Simple Organized Living
Simplify 101
Organizing Made Fun
Clean Mama
A Slob Comes Clean
A Bowl Full of Lemons
Delightful Order
I Heart Organizing
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Best answer: Young House Love is always entertaining. No cooking, but the rest is there.
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Best answer: Unclutterer is pretty good for this.
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Kath of Kath Eats Real Food seems to love cleaning and organizing. You might enjoy both the cooking aspect of her blog (her primary focus) and also a series of posts she's done called Home Neat Home.
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the ask a clean person column on is an excellent source of cleaning tips. i think the author also blogs at both helpful and hilarious.
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