Help me find this site!!!!!!
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A funny Website where people post real life true stories and events in their life???????????????

There was one really funny site with basic design I can't remember it, people posted small real life funny stories about events and incidents in thief life.
Really funny, it was very basic simple design mostly blue and white background....

Please help me find this site....
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Was it TRUE PORN CLERK STORIES? (which the author is now selling as an e-book on Amazon but you can still read the whole thing on since it was on the web for about 7 years)
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Was it b3ta's question of the week section?
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[self link ish]
I wrote a thing months ago that took stories and anecdotes from reddit (with proper attribution) and presented them in a simpler manner. The data there is pretty stale and I haven't touched it in months, but I link it because it does have the blue and white background you mentioned:
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You might also mean (My life is average) it tends more to funny stories, than the negative stories of fml.
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