Searchable Playboy article index?
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Are there any electronic periodical databases that include Playboy magazine articles? I'm looking for a story about sexual shenanigans in Eufaula, Alabama that probably appeared between 10 and 20 years ago, and EBSCOhost, Academic Universe and are no help. Is there a Playboy article index anywhere, perhaps similar to this? Does Nexis index Playboy?

A friend is moving to Eufala and has heard of an old article that blew the lid off the town's sexual underground. If we can find the month/year, I can get it for him easily, but I've come up blank.
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A search in the westlaw playboy database, which goes back to 1981, returned no hits for "Eufaula".
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If this article does surface, I'd really appreciate it if you could point me towards it. The only "sexual underground[s]" I'm aware of in any part of Alabama are the contemporary swinger, GLBTQ, BDSM, etc. communities, and those owe their existence largely to the internet. And I've never heard of any organization or group based in Eufaula. The only present day social organization for perverts in that area of which I'm aware is based in nearby Columbus, Georgia, which is quite a bit larger than Eufaula.

I have heard that Phenix City, Alabama (kind of a kid sister city to Columbus) was known as "Sin City" as recently as the 1950s. Gambling, prostitution, and so forth were - according to the stories - freely available.

[Fun Fact: "Eufaula" is pronounced "You FALL Uh."]
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A search in the westlaw playboy database

Thanks. So it's either earlier than 1981 or my friend's info is wrong somehow. Does westlaw index Penthouse? And is it something anyone can access through a good public or university library computer? I'm interested in the one article, but also in finding ways to search for similar things in the future.

Clay201, he said the article focused on the country club set, and shook the town by naming names.
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Are you sure it was Playboy and not Penthouse?
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Does westlaw index Penthouse?

Not as far as I can tell. Sorry.
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Thanks, monju_bosatsu. But you've at least let me know there's a subscription legal database that includes Playboy articles.
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