Looking for new job whilst in training.
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[Job-filter] How do I add a job to my resume that is both a contractor job, and more importantly, I haven't finished training at?

I don't want to put that I'm not employed, since I am. And I don't want to say that I'm doing xyz for this company, when technically I'm not yet. But there's a good opportunity for another job that isn't seasonal, and I want to grab it while I have the chance. I know there has to be a way to swing this.
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"Job company name

-hired to do X, y, and z
-undergoing training in such and such"
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When will you finish training? How difficult /complex is the training?
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Could you fairly describe it as an internship or apprenticeship? Most people have a pretty good idea that those mean "kinda working but in training and should have at least some clue how to do the job when you finish".
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I will finish the training in 3 weeks. And it's an entry level job doing tech support. I'm applying for a call center job, and I have 2.5 years experience in a call center already, so that base is covered. I think saraindc might have it.
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Honestly, if the training is pretty simple, I'd put "tech support". Most jobs have some element of on-the-job training, and the hiring process at the call center will probably take long enough that you'll be done with training before you get hired, right?

Tech support jobs have a much better future than call center jobs and they look a lot better on the ol' resume, so take that into consideration when you're doing your decision making.

Good luck with everything!
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