Low-salt, low cholesterol eating?
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He has to limit salt. I have to limit cholesterol. We are both vegetarians. Where can we eat? Looking for both general restaurant ideas and Toronto-specific ones.

Not much else to add :) I have been told my cholesterol is high, he has health issues which make him very sensitive to salt, and we both like to eat in restaurants. We have been doing a lot of brunch-type stuff lately. But what else?
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Sushi might fit your parameters, and there's tons of that in Toronto.
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Forgot to make a specific recommendation: I like Tokyo Sushi on St Joseph just east of Bay St.
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It's hard to know for sure what restaurants have low salt / cholesterol menus, but here are a couple of delicious, considerate places:

Commensal is a pay by weight buffet on Elm near Bay.

Zocalo is primarily vegetarian and delicious near Bloor and Lansdowne.

Oyshi Sushi at Queens Quay and Yonge is charming & tasty.
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I'm not even a vegetarian and I go to Fresh every chance I get, so it's an easy recommendation. I'm not sure which items on the menu are low salt/cholesterol but the staff should be able to point them out.

The buddha bowl's my favourite, although I doubt it's low salt.
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I think you'll have much more trouble with low salt. For instance... Fresh is fine and all but I very much doubt that anything there is low salt except the smoothies.

If you're in the mood for haute vegan, there's Fressen. Urban herbivore does good meal-sized salads which you could probably engineer to be low salt and low cholesterol (I guess low cholesterol is a given for vegan food).

Live does raw food so might be a good option (some of their stuff is cooked). Commensal is also probably a good bet.
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