Best meat in Scotland?
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Can anyone recommend a butchers/game dealers in Edinburgh (Scotland)? Or if there's a really special one anywhere else along the Edinburgh-Glasgow corridor, or up to Perth?
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Crombies on Broughton Street is superb -

I also used to regularly shop at John Saunderson's on Tollcross
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You might want to look at the Scottish Association of Farmers' Markets, and specifically their game, beef, poultry and pork producers.

You can't cross reference easily who will be at what market, unfortunately, but the individual markets or groups of markets often to have their own websites. Like Lanarkshire or Fife, where you can also see some of the attending producers.

I've been to one of the smaller Lanarkshire ones a few times and the meat has generally been pretty good.
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Seconding Crombies, we live down the road from it and it's amazing.

George Bower's in Stockbridge is also amazing.

There are also great butchers at the Stockbridge Market (Thursday afternoons and Sundays) and the Edinburgh Farmer's Market (every Saturday).
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Crombies were perfect. Best venison I've ever had. Thanks, everyone!
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