Can a single person live on a bit more than $50,000 a year in Edmonton, Alberta?
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Is it possible to live in Edmonton, Alberta as a single person on a a salary in the low 50 thousands? I've been offered a position and would be moving from a medium sized city in the Eastern provinces, and no idea what to expect if I accept.

I know I can't trust cost of living calculators, so I ask the washed masses of Metafilter!
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Apartment? House? Condo? Rent? Own? What are you expecting?
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I guess the short answer is that people do live in Edmonton with salaries of $50K, but...
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I certainly hope so. I know many people living on less than that in the City of Vancouver, which has a heckuva lot higher housing cost. It might help if you explain what you want your standard of living to include.
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Sure, I have friends that do it in Calgary, and rent is higher here than there. You'll be fine, and your salary will probably go up from there.
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So long as you don't buy multiple sets of Oiler's season's tickets, I suspect you'll be fine.
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No real problem
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Lots of people are.
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Yes you can, and fairly well. Edmonton has some surprisingly good restaurants, too.
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Yes, I did that for a long time on a lot less.

Rentals are here..
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I did for several years. So, yes.
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Absolutely. Lots of friends of mine have lived there on much less.
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You can certainly live comfortably, if modestly. You won't be driving a flashy car, but you won't be living hand-to-mouth either.

Just be aware that the amount of oil-wealth in this region has led to a keeping-up-with-the-Joneses mentality, more so in the last ten years. There are a lot of Subaru beaters, but also more and more blinged out Mercs and Bimmers on the road these days. That said, Edmontonians have been pretty good at maintaining an air of humility, unlike peeps in Ft. Mac and Calgary (I say this as a detached Vancouverite, so don't be accusing me of any bias!).
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I will add to the cacophony of affirmatives: yes you can. I do! and last time I checked I was both alive and not homeless.

As was mentioned by wutangclan, there is a fair bit of oil money floating about, and this does hugely skew people's perspectives on what constitutes "living".
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