Does this pie crust require pre-baking?
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Should I pre-bake this Cooks Illustrated Pie Dough for use with this Pumpkin Pie Recipe?

I'm done with grocery shopping, half done with food prep, and just realized that the magical vodka crust recipe calls for pre-baking the crust with pie weights, while recipe I've bought the filling for calls for no such thing.

I know I could just run to the store in the morning and buy everything else I need to make the Cooks Illustrated Pie, but that seems silly to me. They can't be that different.

Has anybody had any success using this crust from pastry straight to pie?

Please keep me from blowing this and bumming out Friendsgiving!
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I've made that pie crust and just baked it. It works great.
posted by contrarian at 8:12 PM on November 21, 2012

Yes, pre-bake it. Many pumpkin pie recipes call for the crust to be pre-baked, so it should be fine (better, I think).
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Er. On non-preview, I have never prebaked it. I just threw my pumpkin filling in there and put it in the oven.
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On second thought, maybe not with that high heat and high edge on the crust. It will probably get too brown if pre-baked, and the form will make it hard to shield with foil. I think the crust recipe is fine without pre-baking.
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That recipe is pretty similar to my usual pumpkin pie recipe, and I always bake the crust and filling together. The bottom crust is probably not as crisp and distinct as it could be, but it's not bad. I assume the "15-20 minutes at high temperature, remainder at medium temperature" cooking profile helps cook the crust before it gets soggy.
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I'm making this tomorrow and am not pre-baking. The dough is in the fridge right now.
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With most recipes that call for a pre-baked crust, the bake time for the pie is fairly short. (pudding pies, lemon meringue, etc.) The way this recipe goes (10 minutes at 450, plus 30 minutes more at lower temps) reads like every other pumpkin pie recipe where you do not pre-bake the crust. That first blast at a higher temp is for the crust. I would not pre-bake this one.
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I love that recipe. I've made it a dozen times and it's like magic. I always made apple pies with boozy fillings but I've never pre-baked.
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Thanks everyone. Gonna skip the pre-bake.
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