Journal from "Supernatural"
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Pretty much looking for the Winchester's 3-ring supple leather journal from the show "Supernatural".

Not a large 3-ring binder. Not a bound leather journal that I'm afraid to clumsily write in. A mix of the two: a 3-ring journal with a cover that will age like Grandpa's military jacket.

Should be on the thicker end of the journal spectrum, with a leather snap or binding strap (not a long wrap around strip). Looking for a heavy duty real leather cover and good stitching. Pockets in the inside a bonus!
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Response by poster: Oh and I should be able to find suitable insert pages for it as well...
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What's your price range? There's this, but it's pretty expensive. Most things I've found are more like cases that you can buy new notebooks to slip into, like this. I'm right in assuming you'd like a leather journal that you can insert individual pages into?

Also, I love how you framed this.
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They have a proprietary punching system, not 3-ring, but Levenger's Circa notebooks are a thing and come in leather. I hope there's something cooler/more diy out there.
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Here we go, I found one. And here's an even better one. These don't come with paper in them, and they're classified as "3 ring leather binders", but you can get them in 1", and some of them have the fabulous strap closure you're looking for.
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Response by poster: Oh sorry: under $200. $150 optimally. But the higher the price, the more convenient the page inserts, the better the pockets, the nicer the cover leather, etc. I mean, if I'm paying that much, I should have a number of insert options for a decent, cheaper, price.

Not babysitting the thread anymore now. Thanks for asking that!
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If you ain't some kind of idjit, you'll be setting yourself up with something from FirstMateKate's second link. Those binders are gorgeous, and now I want one.
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Here are some screencaps of John's journal if helpful. I had slightly better results searching for "three ring leather agenda with strap." This one for example seems like a close no frills match to the style (minus the exact strap and useful demon hunting info on the inside). I did find one that almost looks EXACTLY the same, but appeared to be a promotional image and was in Chinese. I'll follow up if I see one that's sold more locally.

Also stumbling on this right after watching an episode. What odds.
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Oops I meant to link to a non-zipper version.
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