Sheet music for Armstrong's "Savoy Blues."
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Looking for sheet music for Louis Armstrong's "Savoy Blues."

Google has stumped me, and it's not in any Louis Armstrong book I've flipped through. I'm married to a musician who can transcribe it for me, but I'm looking for it as a last-minute gift for someone (and he wouldn't be able to transcribe until the weekend).

Music can be for any instrument at this point (my giftee is playing the chromatic harmonica).

Song here.

Bonus if the music is somewhere online (happy to pay). Thanks!
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Not found in the online collection of the Library of Congress, which is often a good place to look for something like this. (Note that the music is credited to Edward "Kid" Ory, not Armstrong.)
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Thanks, dhartung - I didn't think to look in the Library of Congress, but will for the future.

My husband's colleague found the sheet music in a collection of loose Real Book charts scanned on his computer - mystery solved (for me, at least - not for those unaffiliated with my husband's colleague).
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