stupid outlook!
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!#*! Outlook! Trying to move over 100000 emails from a local machine to a new machine.... problems inside.

So I am trying to move over 100000 emails that are needed on one locql machine to the users new computer. I've gone through making .pst files and they fail. Every.single.time when trying to apply them. So I am getting tired of trying this method only for Outlook 2010 to crash and try to reapply the file. Problem is if it crashs outlook thinks the file is loaded even though it isnt. The user is not connected to a traditional mail server but has google apps handling their company mail.

So how do I migrate all these messages? I know on Thunderbird I can simply take a local file folder on my machine and drag it into my gmail account and it is uploaded to gmail. Will doing the same actions allow me to move folders and their messages in Outlook to move to gmail and pull down on the new computer with the same account setup? Is there another way perhaps I am overlooking?

Thank you very much for your time in advance.
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Have you made just one large PST? Outlook has always been flaky with large PSTs. You may do better to archive the messages by quarter to separate PSTs
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Response by poster: Tried breaking them down to no avail. And Ive taken them fro 40+ gigs to only a couple gigs and it will still occur.
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Have you tried the fix the pst fies?
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Best answer: If Google Apps is the company email service, Google makes a tool that you can use just for this scenario:
Google Apps Sync w/ Migration Tool

If that doesn't work, or you can't use it for some reason, then you'll want to do the following:
-on old PC, drag local folders into Google Apps account to sync everything back into the cloud
-wait overnight or over the weekend for everything to upload, then shut down old PC
-on new PC, set up Outlook to connect to Google Apps. Preferably using Google Apps Sync tool linked above, or using an IMAP connection. Both methods keep everything on the server and you'll never have to deal with the mess of local folders again (at least for this user).
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And Ive taken them fro 40+ gigs to only a couple gigs and it will still occur.

The limit where bad things happen is 2 gigs. PSTs over 2 gigs are an accident waiting to happen.
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