Bill Cosby - VW - San Francisco - Hilltop car lot
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Can someone point me to the routine where Bill Cosby talks about driving a VW in San Francisco, stops on a hill and can't get going because of the clutch? "Go around" he yells to the person behind him, but that person, too, is driving a VW...?
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From the very funny Why Is There Air?
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"Come around idiot, come around". I still say that.
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tink tink tink (hehehe) tink tink tink
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As the former driver of a VW bus with a stick, I feel Bill's pain. Narrow road, steep uphill grade, and the RR crossing you see up above you suddenly starts to flash and clang and the bar comes down. Definitely a "Why Me, Lord?" moment. I did have the knack of getting started again in such a fix but it involved revving that little lawnmower engine and slipping/burning the clutch in a really cringe-inducing way, especially if you badly needed to get a couple more years' use out of clutch. Thanks for the reminder of the Cosby bit!
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Wow here it is:
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(Accidentally posted before I could say: Bill Cosby taught me to laugh.)
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Love this bit too!
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