80s foreign movie about a clown or mime wandering in city
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Looking for a movie I saw on TV in the 80s that was about a sad clown/mime who left his circus and was wandering around the city - a foreign city, probably Europe. It is NOT Children of Paradise, but maybe some remake inspired by it. I believe it was a foreign film and was probably shown on Nickelodeon - it was a color film. Very atmospheric and followed the clown wandering in the city. Any ideas?
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Long shot: Wings of Desire? It's about fallen angels wandering the streets of Berlin but involves a character in the circus.
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Der Himmel ├╝ber Berlin/Wings of Desire sounds like a good fit, except for the part about it being shown on Nickelodeon.
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Please dear god don't let this be The Day The Clown Cried.
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they were certainly not showing Wim Wenders on Nickelodeon - and those are angels, not clowns - so let's ring the gong on that one and take it off the stage. it was not jerry lewis (it is a foreign film) and not heinrich boll (remember we are talking kids' programming here). any less highbrow readers out there maybe have an idea?
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