Any one know of a one handed book stand?
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So, I would like to start reading some books lying down in my bed at night. The biggest problem I have with it is holding the book properly. I usually hold it in one hand using my fingers to constantly to hold the pages from collapsing or applying pressure to sides of the book to keep it open. It is super annoying as some of you traditional book readers must have faced. I am not sure if this is a problem for e-book readers but I can imagine it to be lot more convenient. So I am looking for a small light weight book stand that is operated with ONE HAND. Please suggest any. Thanks!
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Something like the FlipKlip?
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The Book Magic clip seems like it would fit your needs.
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Even though it's not what you asked, I will say that the Kindle I have is excellent for reading in bed, so something to consider in the future.
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One does get used to holding books and then this becomes a non-issue, for what it's worth -- I've read in bed since I was a little kid and really had to think to figure out how I hold books or the Kindle (spread open from the middle with either thumb, fingers from same hand supporting the spine and other hand for turning pages, or from one edge with that thumb for clicking "next page" button, respectively).
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Lie on your side, it's way better. Then you can just rest the book on your bed.
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Mentioned before: Bookgem. One of its helpful positions is on its side. Cheap, too!
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Oh, I should probably add that I read the Kindle on my side, which is what I thought you were talking about. I always found reading with my back on the bed made my arms tired. I'm not sure if the Kindle would be comfortable to hold with just one hand if you're lying on your back.
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The blood donation center I go to has book pillows like these available. I've not actually used one yet, but it looks like you can tuck the book into the edge a little bit to keep it open, and then just turn pages with one hand.
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I have heard wonderful things about the Thumb Thing. If I wasn't doing all of my reading on my tablet, lately, I'd have invested in one.
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My mother (who has arthritis in her hands) swears by the Open Page book holder.
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I am not sure if this is a problem for e-book readers

I don't have this problem with a wifi kindle. It's very light. To turn the page I move my thumb slightly.
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The big problem I have with my Nook is dropping it on my face. The buttons on either side make it super easy to change the page when I'm reading on my back.
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Response by poster: Thank you guys. Great suggestions so far! I would have never been able to find out that so many options exist.

I think of all the BookGem seems to fit my needs the most. Looks like I could have my hands free while lying on the side, and probably be able to use just one hand when lying on my back. I will give it a try, I think I have seen in it local Barnes & Nobles store.

I will give Kindle (or other e-book readers) a try after a while, once I get in to the habit of reading more.
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