Can you identify this mystery dam?
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Can someone identify this mystery unique western dam (on the left)?

The cover of the May 8, 1920 Scientific American has a wonderful illustration of an oddball dam. As the artist, Howard V. Brown was best known for his science fiction paintings, I might have dismissed this as a made-up illustration as I have never seen this dam before in books. However, the article contains a photograph of this dam but does not identify it. It identifies the dam on the right but not the one in question. Nowhere in the magazine is there any identification of this oddball concrete dam.

Does anybody where or what this dam is called?
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It looks an awful lot like the Long Lake plant, pictured from another angle here
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Also on Wikipedia.
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kelseyq has it. Check out the picture in the column on the left of this page. I found it by googling "long lake power plant"
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For a slightly better scan of the alternate view, see here.
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Long Lake Dam.

Thanks for the exercise in Google Fu!
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Thanks everyone! I looked through a dozen books on dams but this very eccentric jewel wasn't there. I was especially interested in the inclusion of cowboys and Indians on the cover art. Native Americans are so for dams (NOT). If there's anything that has screwed over reservation inhabitants, it's been the unfair treatment by dam projects.

We're working on a book called the Mythos of Dams and this illustration will likely be the cover of the book.

Again, our appreciation for the google-fu!
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I used to go water skiing on that lake. I would never have known it for Long Lake Dam if not for the awesome google-fu here!
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