Needed: Huarache Imposters
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My Nike Air Huarache shoes are wearing out. They have a unique fit with (what I call) an inner sock. Help me find a new pair or something similar.

These shoes have an inner sock that make them the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. They're tight enough to stay on but loose enough to feel like slippers. Notice I've even removed the laces for added get in/get out simplicity.

I've done lots of research: The air huaraches are not in production any more. Nike makes a new retro version based on the their Free model but I can't tell if the inner sock is still a feature.

I don't run in these shoes... they're just my everyday casual sneaker. Anyone have anything similar that they'd like to recommend? Any inside info on the Huarache?
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Vivo Barefoot pure? I wear them all the time, super comfy. As a bonus they don't get stinky and gross.
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I had the Nike Air Penny 3s in middle school, which had that super comfortable inner sock. I agree that they are a really comfortable shoe.

That said, a couple weeks ago, I got these Brooks PureConnect running shoes. They are light as a feather, have great support/padding, and the tongue is made of that neoprene material in the inner sock of the Nike's. I'd recommend looking at minimalist running shoes to get the comfort of the basketball shoes without the bulkiness or the specialized flat bottomed court sole.
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No inner sock, but the New Balance Minimus Leather is designed to be worn without socks and it is the most comfortable walking shoe I have ever worn.
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There are 100s of pairs on eBay still.
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I don't completely understand what you are looking for but I have Nike Frees (3.0?) that have a sewn in/ connected tongue. I wear them with socks but could probably go without, aside from the stink factor.
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Looks like the Air Huaraches are coming back in 2013.
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Check out Nike's Lunar Glide 4. I have a pair as my everyday shoes (I don't run either) and can say they are similar to the old Huaraches.
The one drawback you may find is that they don't fit quite as snug.

The "free" based retro Huarache does have the inner sock feature (that what makes it a Huarache shoe). Back in the early 90s Nike had several different types of shoes that were in the Huarache line - running, cross-training, basketball (including the Air Jordan) with the common feature being the inner sock.
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I have the New Balance Minimus 10 running shoe and I agree with 256, they are sooo comfortable. They're my main running shoe, but I also love to just wear them walking about. I'm not familiar with the Nike Huarache, but it sounds similar to the Minimus, which I would describe as snug around the foot but not constricting. They're like a comfy pair of slippers I can walk around the world in.
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A lot (all?) of Nike's Free shoes have the sock-like upper.
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