If there's a furnace old in your home sweet home, who you gonna call?
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It's fall and I should have my furnace serviced. It's a 1991 furnace that has kept chugging along just fine so far (touch wood) but that I hope to be replacing in 2013, so I don't want to pay for more than a basic servicing/cleaning job now. I live in Toronto. Does anyone have recommendations as to whom I should hire for the job?
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First check whether your gas company provides any free maintenance service. Sometimes they do that for the sake of safety and/or efficiency.
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Response by poster: Just checked, and they don't service furnaces at all or even authorize anyone to do it in their name.
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I don't have a referral for you but HomeStars.com might be a good resource to check.
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Check the ratings on Homestars.com for heating and a/c companies - the top-rated companies in a given field are usually quite reliable.
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On edit: nailed it!
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Response by poster: I checked Homestars and made a call to the most highly recommended company. They won't make just a basic service call. I'd have to pay $150 or more for a package of services, such as a thorough inspection and duct cleaning, etc. I was hoping for just the basic servicing for $70-$80 and wondered if anyone had recommendations for a company that would do that.
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I had a furnace replaced a few years back by Apple Plus - nice guy, did a great job, totally reasonable. I haven't had him do the basic servicing that you're asking about, but it couldn't hurt to give him a call. Don't bother calling enbridge - when I needed the furnace replaced their quote was at least twice as much, and the guy they sent was totally creepy to boot.
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