What Options Exist for Keyless Entry for Front Door Deadbolts
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Are there any deadbolts that feature keyless entry using a fob instead of a number pad? I've seen several locks with number pads, but they look pretty ugly. I'd like a deadbolt that is as streamlined looking as possible, but that can be opened with a proximity sensor or button on a key fob instead of a key. This is for a front door.
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The Sunnect can do either fob or number pad, and the number pad is not visible when the panel is closed, but I find that the biometric ones are the most sleek/unobtrusive looking (from the outside, anyway).
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There's a large variety of options using fobs, HID cards, biometric, or keypads here: http://www.gokeyless.com

EDIT: a good example from Schlage is here in a variety of finishes at a very reasonable price point.
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No idea how well it works since it's not really on the market yet, but the Lockitron retrofits an existing deadbolt and will unlock by proximity when your phone gets close.
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Lockitron is your best bet, however now the inside if your door is going to look ugly.

I doubt you can find anything as streamlined as you want, there will be power requirements and will require some sort of battery pack.
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Would Lockitron do what you want?
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