Goofy Golf ideas
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Golfers,give me some ideas for "tricking up" the golf course for our annual Thanksgiving Day golf scramble. More details inside.

Every year a group of 12 to 20 family and friends play a scramble at our local golf course. In the past we have required some of the holes to be played with unusual requirements; such as having to use a left-handed driver, having to take a Happy Gilmore swing off the tee, putting with a small child's 3 ft putter. I've been put in charge of coming up with new ideas this year. It doesn't matter how crazy, all ideas will be considered. Thanks for your input.
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Have an Alice in Wonderland hole and replace the putters with plastic lawn flamingos.
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Nominate a hole on which:

- you have to putt blindfold (i.e. you get to see where the ball and the hole are, but the putt itself is done blindfold. Putt = any shot on the green of the hole in question.

- you have to answer a general knowledge question correctly before you are allowed to tee off. Each wrong question = one shot.

- your score is based on the time you take to hole the ball, not the number of shots you take. To make it fairer, you cannot run [as defined by having both feet off the ground at any point while moving].

- you have to replace your ball with a designated joke ball the moment you get on the green.

- you tee off with an old tennis racket, underarm serving.

- you have to putt between your legs

- your putting time is defined by kabaddi rules - i.e. you have to keep saying "kabaddi" with a single breath. Once you take another breath it is the other person's turn. Each breath = one shot.

- All shots from the rough must be made with one hand only.
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Papier mache clown's head with open mouth covering the hole, a la minature golf. Means you can only putt at the hole from one direction.
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Tee-off must be flamingo-style, on one leg.

All strokes on the green must be made by wielding the club pool-cue style.

It only counts as one stroke if you can hit the ball again while it's moving.

Replace golf balls with tennis balls, wiffle balls, or something else.

Each player gets to call one "switch" during the game, where they can switch the current position of their ball with the position of any other player.
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Everyone needs to wear an ugly necktie.
The prize for the ugliest, most garish necktie is... an ugly garish sweater!
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