Where can I combine nordic skiing with Russian language immersion - outside Russia?
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Outside Russia, where can I combine cross country skiing with Russian language immersion?

I'm a reasonably good nordic skier, and speak low-intermediate Russian. Now I want to spend around a month somewhere improving both. The sort of place I'm after would enable me to spend half of each day in lessons / immersing myself in Russian language (ideally a decent sized town at least) and the other half training on a decent and varied network of well-maintained cross country skiing trails. Ruling out Russia and Belarus to avoid the need for visas lands me in the area of the Baltic states or Ukraine I guess - but does anyone have any specific ideas or experience? Thanks!
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I can say that everyone I know who's been to Tbilisi loves it. Mountainous, though. Also Lviv is lovely but maybe too hilly? Both are easy to get to without transiting Russia or Belarus.
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Tbilisi is a good option, though I have never been skiing there. Yerevan is a possibility too.
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How about spending some time in Kirkenes, in Arctic Norway? Its right on the border ( the only border crossing ) into Russia. And the surrounding area is cross-country heaven. I enjoyed visiting there last year.

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Georgia for sure.
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Oh, for real. Georgia is freaking amazing. Word of advice: go hungry. The food is amazing, and they will offer it to you generously and constantly as a foreigner.
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