The Princess Who Saved Herself
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I love Jonathan Coulton's "The Princess Who Saved Herself" -- and I want more media that has the same feeling. Songs, movies, shows, etc. *snowflakes after the jump*

I've recently gotten into children's music (especially Coulton's "The Princess Who Saved Herself") because there are so many happy songs that make you feel good without feeling co-dependent. I've found that children's songs are often about self-actualization and personal empowerment, without the "I *will* survive just to spite you" subtext.

For example:

"She had no parents and was all alone,
She got by on her own,
And she liked it pretty well.

'Cause she never wore her socks,
She had a pet snake,
She bought a red guitar,
And she ate a whole cake."

I'm looking for songs, TV shows, movies, etc. about happiness in living your own life. Not about how great things are when they used to suck, or about how someone rescued you, but about living a life of meaning and fun and just enjoying it. Especially for or about women!

Help me find empowerment media!
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"Gotta Be Me" by Secret Agent 23 Skidoo.
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Pippi Longstocking. She's a little girl, she lives alone in her own house, she has a horse and a monkey, her dad is a pirate, her mom is an angel, she tosses police men off the porch, she rolls her cookie dough out on the floor, she doesn't go to school and she does not give a single fuck.
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The Practical Princess by Jay Williams. It's EXACTLY this. She even saves a prince! It's a great story. The GoodReads page has lots.
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You should watch "Yo Gabba Gabba." It's pretty much entirely this.
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"Prince Charming" by Jim's Big Ego is pretty much exactly along those same lines. One of my favs.
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