Can anyone help me ID the movie this dimly-remembered scene came from?
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A young man must prove himself worthy to marry his royal sweetheart. The king (?) sets him an impossible task, and gets out a map of the territory the young man must cover. At the end of the meeting with the king, the young man takes the map from him and folds it properly. The king is so impressed he offers his daughter's hand in marriage on the spot. Or something like that. A comic turn. I have been unable to remember or Google anything which helps me identify which movie this scene came from.
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Could it have been live theater rather than a movie? The Empty Space Theatre in Seattle put on a play that ends with that exact scene. Although I remember it not as a "win the girl" move, but rather a young man who had to perform 3 miracles to .....? Free someone? Win his heart's desire? He performs 2 miracles, accidentally, but since he's not really magic he has to give up. The final scene has him with God (?), shrugging and giving up, and proceeding to fold up the road map he's been using. This is, of course, his 3rd miracle.

I remember that scene so clearly, but cannot for the life of me remember the name of the play, even after going through the list of plays the Space put on. And, of course, you said "movie." It's a pretty funny idea, so quite probably has been done more than once.

Unfolding large paper maps and figuring out your route --- now there's a trip down Memory Lane!
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Are you sure this is a movie? I thought I saw something like this in a cartoon once. I'll be dipped if I can remember which one, though. I definitely remember the folding of a paper map as being a feat of intellect and worthiness in some sort of thing I saw on a screen once.
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Response by poster: It certainly could be that those of us who remember actually folding paper maps are too "senior-moment enabled" to be able to recall movie scenes accurately. :)
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