help with artistic inspiration?
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help with artistic inspiration?

I'm a (very) amateur artist, mostly focused on sketching and watercolor. I love to get some recommendations on good, active artists' blogs (or Tumblrs) that I could follow to give myself some inspiration and encouragement. Help?
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Lines and Colors is a blog of miscellaneous art stuff, wonderful to browse and likely to yield inspiration and links to artists you could follow.
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Nicky Barkla Art is one I just discovered today.
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Urban Sketchers is a seemingly very active group blog.
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A few (HA!) of the internet artists I follow

Laura Knetzger
Andrew Schick
Mefi's own overeducated_alligator
Jake Lawrence
Leslie Hung
Tom Eccles
Marlo Meekins
Becky + Frank
Ashley Davis
Omo Cat
James Harvey
Kate Beaton (Hark A Vagrant)
Micheal Oeming (Mice Templar)
Brian Lee O'Malley (Scott Pilgrim)
Micheal Deforge
Chuck Groenink
Dan Hipp
Shmorky (animates Something Awful's Flash Tub)
Evan Dahm (Rice Boy)
John Boren
Ian Anderson
Stuart Bury
Scott Snowden
Beth Turnsek
Adam Muto (storyboard artist for Adventure Time)
vincent giard (french and WEIRD in a good way)
Zac Gorman
Paul Robertson
College Dog (?)
natasha allegri
Roman Murodov
Ryan Andrews
Tyson Hesse (Boxer Hockey)
Anthony...? (Nedroid)
Jeph Jacques (Questionable Content)
Johen Vasquez (Invader Zim)
Kent Osborne
Scott Lava (works at Doublefine)
KC Green (Gunshow Comic)
Jean Giraud (Posts images of his stuff, he recently passed but has years of work and HE'S A LEGEND)

Wow that's a lot. But... my tumblr feed is basically a never ending river of art and stuff.

Happy drawing!
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You might like Danny Gregory, particularly his series of sketches based off of drawing challenges from his books. Good tips and ideas for building a drawing-every-day habit.
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How about some all-inclusive (all levels) sites that give you small projects? I've found both to be both fun and helpful, particularly when I am sitting with a blank page and can't decide what to draw (doesn't happen as much these days, but it did!).

ATCS For All : Tiny art! You can do individual trades with folks, or join swaps where everyone does the same number of cards in the same theme. (ATCs are Artist Trading Cards, size 2.5" x 3.5". The small size means you can finish complete works more often and start on the next one.] A lot of this site is collage and mixed media, which I don't do or collect myself, but there are plenty of ink/watercolor/acrylic artists as well. (There is also a juried ATC site for more experienced work, and a lot of us belong to both.)

Illustration Friday : A long-running site with many hundreds of participants. A one-word topic is provided by email each Friday, and artists of all skill levels (some insanely great) submit their work on that topic. You'll need a spot to host your work. (If you don't have a blog, Flickr is a good place to post. Tumblr is ok but the commenting function is less ideal imo.) You can participate every week, or once in a while. Or just visit all the great art if you like!

Feel free to memail me with any questions about either of these sites.

A few of my favorite (regularly updated, for the most part) artist blogs:
Jim Madsen
Shirley Ng-Benitez
Cripple Pencil
Richard Ewing
Mattias Adolfsson
Leslie White
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les Artistes du Web
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Response by poster: Thanks, guys!

A few of those I knew about (love Urban Sketchers and Danny Gregory), but most were new and fun to explore.

Tossing out a couple more in return:
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