The Great Google Break Up: RSS Edition.
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What is a good RSS alternative to Google Reader?

I have almost entirely de-Googled myself save for using it for search. My last problem is the Google Reader replacement. I have been using Netvibes for a little while, but don't much care for it. I would like something like Feedly, but every app out there relies on Google Reader. Am I missing one? Or am I missing a work around so that I don't have to use Google Reader?

I have found other questions that have answered with Feedly or Reeder, but those still depend on Google. I am looking for Google-free alternatives that are apparently hard to find.
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Best answer: I like NewsBlur. It's a nice, standalone reader with iOS apps, too. The social features are coming along nicely and will get better as more people sign up.
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I just saw a link to something called The Old Reader. I've never used it but it's supposed to be similar to a previous edition of Google Reader.
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On Mac OS X, you can use NetNewsWire for Mac. It can be used without syncing with Google Reader. It works like Google Reader, except all the data (as well as the downloading of RSS feeds) is done on your Mac itself.

(Alternatively, I have written my own OS X app, SushiReader, which also doesn't rely on Google Reader. However, I am using a river-of-news presentation style that is quite different from Google Reader.)
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Bloglines is still out there.
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You could try Fever—it's a web application (PHP & MySQL) that requires you to use your own web hosting plan.
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I just gave NewsBlur some money too. Here's hoping!
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I've been really enjoying Feedly lately. It's got a pleasant UI, and its "magic" sorting seems pretty good.
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