Group dessert in NYC
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MidtownWestFilter: where might a group of 20-40 people find a warm place to eat dessert together on a busy wintery Saturday afternoon?

We'll be ice skating (at citi pond), and then with the remaining $15-20 or so I have budgeted per person, I'd like to do some sort of dessert/hot chocolate/something. Problem is, I think most places will be doing pretty brisk business and we're a pretty big group so I'm worried our options are more limited.

We could totally come in before any sort of dinner rush, but nowhere I have gotten in contact with seems to be able to accomodate us so far. A decent walk or subway ride is not a problem. Does anyone have any suggestions of places to contact or options to try?

Alternatively (I'd prefer to do something out, but this would be an option as well), we have access to event space that we could use for free if you have any fantastic catering suggestions.

I'm not tied to the food idea, but I would like to do something social and warm if at all possible. Something very stereotypically-wintery-NYCy would be a good thing in this case.
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The Russian Tea Room?
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I like Sarabeth's. I've been to the location at Central Park South.

You could perhaps arrange for a tea or something.

Coffee, cocoa and light pastries?
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The City Bakery is near Union Square, and could be busy, but isn't tiny (two floors), so it might be okay.

They also mention Birdbath as the little sister bakery, but I've never been inside one, so I can't say what to expect as far as size.

Jacques Torres has varying locations of different sizes. I haven't been to all of them, but there are some pics of the locations on their website.

Two other places maybe worth looking at
and Eatly
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The Russian Tea Room afternoon tea is $50/person per adult, $35/person per child, so that's not going to work for your budget. (A la carte coffee + dessert is going to run you at least $30.)

City Bakery is a great choice.
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There's a Pain Quotidian across the street on 40th that might be able to handle that size group - worth a call.

There's also the Max Brenner in Union Square - they have a lot of space, but I have no idea how crowded it usually is.

My favorite NYC hot chocolate is Grom - the one in the Village isn't big enough for that size group, but I don't know about the Columbus Circle one.
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Pigalle on 48th St and 8th Ave has a large space that has really cozy lighting. You could fill out the party request form on their website and make a reservation for 20+ people.
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Grom on Colimbus Circle can't handle that group size.
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I love City Bakery, and the hot chocolate is great (and shareable), but you may not be able to sit together or find seats for everyone. The second floor is more of a mezzanine overlooking the first floor, not a full floor.

Birdbath is tiny and takeout only (at least the Soho, New Museum, and 1st Ave/East Village ones, the West Village one has closed).
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