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Mens fashion filter: Where can I find RED jeans, that are "super skinny"?

I've been on the hunt to snaz up my pants collection. I have about 8 pairs of jeans. 2 black pairs, the rest are some shade of dark blue. Most of my jeans are Levis 511 Skinny, or 510 Super Skinny. The term "super skinny" probably has most people thinking I'm wearing skin tight jeans, but on my legs, they are a decent fit. They hug my legs, but are nowhere near the emo/skater skin tight jeans I've seen people wear.

I have a pair of Abrocrombie and Fitch jeans that I found at a Plato's closet for $18. They fit me REALLY nice. They hug my legs how I like without squeezing too much, and the way they taper down to my ankle is perfect. But...A&F jeans are like $80 a pop, and all they have are blues.

its not that hard to find red jeans. I've walked into H&M and saw the array of color jeans they have, but when I put them on, I'm disappointed in the cut. They are cut like slim strait jeans. I've looked around for a cool pair of corduroy pants, but they all seem to be the same baggy cut. Its frustrating.

Probably an important thing to note, I wear a 32/34. But I own jeans that are 33/34s and they fit fine, as well as 34/34. Even with the 32 a 32 waist I need belt to pick up the little bit of extra slack.

So, where can I find jeans/corduroy pants that are colored, but also have the fit that I'm looking for?

Thanks!!! :D
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Have you tried American Apparel's jeans? They tend to stock them in all sorts of colors (albeit it has been a while since I've been there) and they cost less than $80.
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Also, H&M has maybe four or five different jean fits, and you can't really eyeball which fit they are on the rack/hanger. You want "drain" or "superdrain."
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Sounds like the sort of thing I'd check Urban Outfitters for first.
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Bonobos makes red jeans and chinos in various fits. They're more expensive, but it's probably worth paying money to get something that does what you want.
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Re: Bonobos. I have their chinos in slim fit. (I'm wearing them now, in fact) I also have several pairs of Levis 511. The Bonobos are slim (for a chino), but nowhere near as much as the Levis.
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Pacsun's Bullhead line has a couple pairs of red jeans/cords.
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Yep, Urban Outfitters.
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You may find more options if you are willing to consider jeggings.
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I found a pair of red skinny jeans for dudes at the Gap this past summer on clearance; you might poke around there to see if there are any left.
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(I should add that you and I wear about the same pant size and my red jeans seem to fit the way you want)
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I just saw this pair at American Eagle... and they're on sale! Not sure if they're skinny enough for you.
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I got this.

I've my own pair of red Lucky Brand jeans that call themselves Slim, but they're pretty much skinny jeans.

And they're pretty great.
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Just in luck, I have been searching out wine/burgundy/dark red men's skinny jeans today so here are a few places that seem to have them at reasonable prices:

Abercrombie has some on sale for $29

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