Italian shoe pop quiz.
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Please help me identify these fantastic boots. Allegedly, Pikolinos.

Can anyone help me identify this fantastic shoe?

It is allegedly Pikolinos, but I have not been able to find it anywhere else. Emails to Cardino and Pikolinos have gone unanswered.

Thank you, Mefites.
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From what I can see of the logo on the insoles of the other shoes next to it- which match it too exactly for it to be from a separate collection- the boot is definitely Pikolinos. Sorry I can't be more help but you're on the right track at least!
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Since it's from spring 2012, the chances anyone is going to have in stock now are minuscule. Maybe check eBay for a used pair?
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They're Spanish, actually. My suspicion is that it's part of the Brujas line from the Autumn/Winter 2011 collection. Look at this video, where he's explaining (in Spanish) the different parts of the collection; the Brujas heel and bootie shape is definitely what you're looking for.

The Spring/Summer 2012 line didn't seem to have any full boots/booties. As to the color and perforation pattern, my only guess is that Cardinos had an exclusive line made for their store. Sometimes the smaller manufacturers will be able to do that.
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That is definitely Pikolinos from Spring 2012 and the leather color is "Tortue" but nobody seems to have any of that model in stock. Sadface!

On edit, Madamina makes a good point--this may have been a limited run model using the Spring 2012 leather color Tortue with the Fall 2011 Bruja boot design.
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Pikolinos is fairly responsive to queries on their Facebook page. I agree that it's part of the Brujas line. Also, Pikolinos have become one of my top three favorite shoe brands in the last few years. I highly recommend for comfort, style and durability.
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