Wireless headphones without the headphones
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Is there such a thing as a wireless headphone amp (wireless headphones without the headphone)?

I'm looking for a solution to get audio from a TV on one side of the room to headphones on the other side of the room, without running a cord. There are many types of wireless/cordless headphones, and I read through all the previous threads about them here. But what I really want is something that I can plug my own headphones into. Basically the transmitter and receiver part, but with an output jack instead of built-in headphones. My wife and I both have specific (and very different) headphones we like to use, so even if we could find a wireless pair that works for one of us, the other would be unsatisfied.

Does this exist?
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Yes, using Bluetooth, you can by a transmitter and receiver as a set, plug the audio output into the transmitter and your phones into the receiver, easy peasy.
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I would suggest a transmitter/receiver pair that support APT-X, this is the latest high quality format for transmitting audio over bluetooth.
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