Undercounter beverage center?
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Any recommendations for an under-counter beverage fridge?

We're remodeling our kitchen and we've got a hole for a beverage center. We originally planned on a wine cooler, but we're mostly red wine and beer drinkers and we typically drink wine within a week of purchase.

So we're looking for something to hold craft beer (mainly bottles) and the occasional bottle of white wine, vermouth, etc.

The other house dweller wants stainless with a glass front. I want a relatively quiet unit. We don't care if it is free-standing or built-in.

Budget is less than $750, preferably way less than $750 if possible.

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I actually just saw something on a Lowe's ad.

Is this something like what you are looking for?
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Costco has some things that might do the trick. Some are specifically geared for wine bottle sizes, but others look pretty adjustable.
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Those are exactly what we're looking for, but there are so many to choose from. Does any one have any first hand experience with these?
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Ah, sorry. I do not have direct experience with any of them.
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No experience here, either. Sorry. I'd recommend going to Consumer Search. Here's the link for mini-fridges. That'd be my next step, just read up on reviews.
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We have a glass-fronted one from Lowes (Electrolux, maybe? We bought it a couple of years ago.) It's pretty decent, but one word of warning- the temperature it lists is NOT accurate; if you set it for 40F, you WILL cause cans to burst. In other words, The Sad Voice of Experience (TM) says that once you choose one, turn the temperature down slowly and use a thermometer.
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Apparently they're referred to as wine coolers or wine chillers, and you might be hard pressed to find comprehensive reviews. Consumer Reports has some buying tips, if nothing else.
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