Panforte per favore!
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Buying panforte online or in Chicago?

Oh no! Zingerman's is out of panforte just when I need some. I can't fly to Siena so where can I get some of this lovely goodness? (Doesn't have to be Sienese, just Italian and tasty.) If you have bought any online or in the Chicago area, and liked it, please tell me about it. Thanks!
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The Treasure Island on Broadway near Cornelia has panforte. I think it's all portioned--there are not whole ones for sale. I've had it--it's not the best I've ever eaten, but it's good.
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Try calling Panozzo's at 13th & Michigan: 312-356-9966. If they don't have it, they may be able to tell you who does.
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Mariano's by Millennium Park had at least one flavor as of last night. You might call them to confirm they have the type you want. Yum!
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Pennsylvania Macaroni Company in Pittsburgh has a couple of brands.
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Npw I want to go to Panozzo's for a sub!

Thanks, everyone. This is going to come up repeatedly. (My elderly relative has a nostalgic thing for panforte.) I've created a panforte file and will start checking things off.
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It's actually not difficult to make, if you're at all inclined. I can send you the family recipe if you like, but it's a lot like David Lebovitz's (without the chile powder and with only a tiny dash of black pepper). Ours is a cocoa-based panforte nero..
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