Picnic food for cold weather
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I would like suggestions of food to take on a cold, early morning picnic. Help us keep warm.

My friend and I are going to watch the sun come up this weekend and it is expected to be pretty cold outside. We are going to bring a flask of coffee (possibly with added whiskey) but I would like some ideas for food we can bring that is good to eat in cold weather. It should be food that we can carry in tinfoil in small backpacks. We won't be out of bed long before we leave, so we'll have limited time in the morning to heat anything up.
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Scotch Eggs. Hearty, easy to carry and depending on the sausage, spicy.
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Frittata or spanish tortilla (basically a frittata with lots of potatoes). Make ahead, no need to reheat, breakfasty. Could you maybe set up a slow cooker to go overnight and have oatmeal ready when you're ready to leave and bring that in an insulated container? Steel cut oats hold up well to slow cooking.
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Why tinfoil? I'd go with another thermos and fill it with some yummy thick soup/stew, which you can then mop up with thick bread. All hearty and warm, filling, yum. Shouldn't take longer to microwave the soup than your coffee takes to brew...
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3 parts almond milk
2 parts creme de cacao
2 tablets of Mexican hot chocolate for each serving/cupful you're making (it comes in these cakes you break wedges off of; pretty much all brands contain lecithin; look for soy lecithin if you care about veganess, Ibarra & Abuelita are both good)
almond or vanilla extract

Heat the almond milk and cocoa tablets in a saucepan, whisking occasionally until chocolate dissolves. Turn off heat and whisk in creme de cacao and extract. Pour into a thermos you've filled with boiling water and then drained.

It should be noted that I'm an omnivore but find this recipe better than drinking a bunch of hot milk and alcohol, which is kind of gross sounding to me. It is also my go-to winter potluck contribution when cooking for vegans.
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Breakfast burritos--- scrambled egg/meat*/cheese/salsa; meat can be ham, sausage, bacon, pepper turkey, spiced chicken, etc.
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Shooter's Sandwich - basically designed for this kind of thing.
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I've used stuffed baked potatoes as a starter for camping trips. You can prepare them the night before. Bake potatoes until they're almost cooked, then split them along the middle, scoop out a pocket, and fill it with whatever - I like mozzarella cheese, chopped bacon, dijon mustard, maple syrup, and green onions. Continue baking until they're cooked through. In the morning, microwave them until they're hot, then wrap in tinfoil and you're good to go.
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Seconding the Spanish omelet/tortilla. Since you'd be eating it cold, you'd want to amp up the spices a little, use a touch more salt (or bring a little bit of salt in a twisted bunch of Saran wrap). You can put all kinds of stuff in there, spinach, onions, scallions. Personally, I like a bit of mild chorizo for a slight change of texture and a bit of spiciness.
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I am going to tackle the stuffed baked potatoes and my friend is going to attempt the awesome-looking shooter's sandwich. Frittatas look pretty good too. Would go for soup/stew but we've only got one thermos between us! Thanks for the replies.
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As a follow up - the shooters sandwich was AMAZING. We added some brie as well. The only thing we'd do differently next time is to use a more expensive cut of steak - it was a bit tough and chewy. We also had the potatoes wrapped up in tinfoil in our pockets to keep our hands warm. Thanks for the answers!
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