Easy but great Thanksgiving sweet potato dish...
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Help me find something approximated this basic but awesome sweet potato recipe.

Once upon a time I ate a simple sweet potato recipe that was very, very, good (and very, very sweet).

The sweet potatoes were cut into quarters lengthwise and then drenched in a honey-based sauce. Maybe even just honey. Then they were baked in the oven, and that was pretty much that!

Has anyone prepared sweet potatoes in a similar manner? In particular, do you have recipe that works well?

(I'm also looking through this and similar threads, but any help with something that sounds like what I recall -- or is similarly easy but taste-bud-exploding -- would be great.)
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Well no honey but this is definitely taste-bud exploding. It takes some time, but is easy. My mom, who absolutely hates to cook, makes this for Thanksgiving every year.

My mom makes candied yams, no marshmallows please.

1. Boil yams/sweet potatoes for a while (until tender but not mushy). Cool, then peel by rubbing off skins. Cut into ~1/2 inch slices.

2. Candy them by simmering for maybe 45 minutes or so in a glaze/sauce consisting of butter, maple syrup, brown sugar, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Liberal quantities of all ingredients.
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Go to your local farmers market. Talk to the vendors, but especially, the customers. Ask who has the best sweet potatoes.

That's it. Follow your honey recipe as planned.

There are differences in yams/sweet potatoes. I had some tonight from my fav farmer that were delish, and a sample of factory farmed sweet potatoes from Trader Joe's that were practically tasteless.


Apparently, not all honey is actually honey - like olive oil, commercial brands are suspect. Usually they are adulterated with corn syrup and the like, especially if it is from China, or come in a "bear" package.

When at you local farmer's market, get honey from a reputable local producer, or spring for the expensive stuff from New Zealand at your Whole Foods or other health food market.

That is all.

PS - I find sweet potatoes need a hint of sea salt to bring out the flavor of the sweet. Just a whisper, tho.
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I put it in a pan with orange juice, brown sugar and bake until everything is completely caramelized. I would add honey after it is done and then bake for a few moments more.
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Speaking of New Zealand, you could look for the sweet potato that cooks white, akin to New Zealand kumara. These caramelise really well without need for honey to make them sweeter. In fact I like to sprinkle just a little salt to offset the sweet.
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