crazy birthday adventure in los angeles
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My fun-loving, adventure-seeking sister is turning 35 this weekend! It so happens she'll be visiting me in Los Angeles for Thanksgiving at the time. Help me think of something memorable and uniquely weird to do over the weekend to make it a great birthday!

She likes "adventures" - eat at a bizarre restaurant, do something unexpected, etc. I've lived in LA for a few years, but given the stress at work lately, my idea of fun lately is "watch something different on Netflix" - so I don't have a good sense of what's out there.

Note I'm not looking for anything illegal, or involving substance or alcohol abuse, and she's not a partier. I'm looking for safe, legal, and fun things that just happen to be a bit offbeat or unexpected. I don't even know in particular what to ask for, but I'm hoping you know the answer anyway.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks so much!
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Have you been to the Museum of Jurassic Technology? Discussed on ask here.
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My standard answer is: change her life by taking her to Richard Simmons's aerobics class. He's a total character, it's a legitimately great workout, it's cheap ($12!), and it's something you can only experience in LA. Plus Richard poses for pics afterwards.
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Is she outdoors adventurous? Hiking at Vasquez Rocks is pretty cool, and the terrain is fairly unique.
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Have you tried the trapeze lessons at the Santa Monica pier? I went a few months ago and it was awesome. I just checked the class schedule and there are still slots for some of the classes.
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For my own 40th, I treated myself to a tandem skydive --- would she be up for that? Many of the places you can do it can also photograph and/or film the jump.
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This walk in the Arroyo Seco about the history of the area's first water supply system seems interesting.

This past weekend I took my visiting parents to the museum at Fort Macarthur in San Pedro. Super small diy thing at the remains of some old batteries overlooking the Pacific. If you're willing to trespass a little bit you can explore more parts of the fort. Also nearby is the Korean Friendship Bell and the sunken subdivision off of Pt Fermin (where they spread Donnie's ashes in the Big Lebowski). And the Marine Animal rehab facility. If you walk around the back of the building you can say hi to the sea mammals chilling in their little tanks before heading back to sea.
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How about Dearly Departed Tours? It certainly fits the "uniquely weird" criteria. It's a bus tour of places in LA associated with famous, infamous, and relatively unknown deaths. It's not just about the Manson family. It's really a trip.
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