But surely Canada is already mapped?
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The greatest paper map of Canada you'll ever see?

This map looks awesome, but is US only. Is there a map of Canada or Ontario for sale that is equally (or mostly) as great?
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Best answer: I like the Atlas of Canada 2009 wall map. Free download, *awesome* way of making sure that your friend's large format plotter is working ...
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Best answer: There's only one David Imus. (There's only one Tom Patterson, for that matter.) There are pretty good maps of Canada produced by the Canada Map Office, as well as maps of Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic Canada, B.C. and the Prairie Provinces, that you'll be able to find at any map store in Canada. They're inexpensive; I have one on my wall. MapArt makes some provincial maps, but they're basically wall versions of their road atlases. World of Maps, the map store in Ottawa, produced their own map of Ontario as well. None of these is Imus- or Patterson-grade, I'm afraid, but they're, you know, not terrible. I have the Map If there's something else out there, I'm blanking on it right now.
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Best answer: Well, it's not a map of Canada or a map of Ontario, but Googling brought me to Jeff's Algonquin map:
I've been canoeing in Algonquin since I was 8 and have always enjoyed it profoundly. That love coupled with my frustration with the errors I'd found on other maps of Algonquin caused me to dedicate the time to create the best map of Algonquin that I possibly could - the map that I always wanted for myself. I went about combining hundreds of books, maps, trip reports, and GPS data sets with the knowledge and experience of the hundreds of Algonquin enthusiasts who submit thousands of comments and corrections each year and ended up with the map you'll find on this website.
It's available as a 4 x 6 ft. wall map for $65 (here's the bigger picture).
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